Watershed Education for Adults

We offer talks, films and events geared toward adult education, as we believe there is always something new to learn throughout life. We provide training for Beach Watcher volunteers, our own volunteers in citizen science programs and for our volunteer teachers. Some of our programs are sampled below, but watch for notices of the next event!

Discovering the Story of a Stream: Glendale CreekStory of a stream

On April 9, 2009, the headlines read “Beaver Dam causes mudslide and wipes out road and homes!”. A year later Island County was grappling with long-term repairs to the watershed, and a community still reeling from a little understood event. WWS partnered with Island County Extension and Island Count to produce a series of presentations to help the community understand this watershed’s story and have an informed public dialogue.

The series brought in 5 experts to talk about geology, beaver life histories, local topography and stream dynamics and an informed discussion of the options available for repair of the watershed and infrastructure. After the series, Island County decided to not rebuild the Glendale Road crossing, and they enhanced the lower section of the stream for salmon passage in the delta area of the creek. Many documents and fine maps were made for this presentation and can still be found at:


Fin Fest

There is never a dull moment on Whidbey, and opportunities for us all to work together. In 2010, we partnered with Orcanet to put on a day to celebrate fish and Orcas and our place. This family event took place just once, but the spirit of working toward partnerships to save both our salmon and beloved Orcas lives on. If you feel inspired to create an event, come talk to us!

Greenfire – Aldo Leopold’s storyGreenfire poster

We worked with the Clyde Theatre to screen one of the first showings of the Emmy-award winning film, Greenfire. In addition to showing the film, we had the great honor of having Estella Leopold, a conservationist and renowned scientist herself come to introduce the film. We had a packed house, and were all inspired by the life and dedication of the father of environmental restoration. The film aired on public television in April of 2013, and we can show the film upon request.