Lesson Updates: Fill the Bill

May 5, 2019:

1.We made a change at beak station #1 to avoid crunched up styrofoam getting left on the forest floor. Please replace the floating styrofoam with mandarin orange wedges that can be speared by the chopsticks like a heron or kingfisher would do to a fish. Take one mandarin orange for the day (in the fridge).

2. Very helpful to ask a chaperone to put the stations back together while you’re playing the game with students, so that stations are ready for the next group.

April 27, 2019:

Some volunteers found the following updates helpful during Fill the Bill:

1.  Station 5, Woodpecker “drilling”.  Use rice as food rather than pipe cleaners for the older grades.

2.  Remove Station 7 for classes with fewer kids.

3.  Food for the Brood Game:  Include a few pieces of garbage in the food bin, and discuss how it could be mistaken for food by birds. There are also some plastic insects in the bin now, for kids who prefer a challenge. Kids waiting in line can be encouraged to “cheep cheep cheep!” as they’re waiting for their food!

Helpful to have a co-teacher at this lesson who can demonstrate stations while kids are rotating through.

April 17, 2019

Ahead of our second day of volunteer training, Cathie came up with a helpful revision for the introduction to Fill the Bill which gets students working in table groups observing bird beak photos up close. In your lesson plan for Fill the Bill, you can replace #5 – #7 with these instructions:

5. Distribute 3-4 pictures of birds to each picnic table group. Have them work in groups to 1) see if they can put the pictured beaks in like and unlike categories, 2) predict what they think certain birds might eat based on the shape of their beak and where they live