Spring at the Outdoor Classroom

                    Rufous_hummingbird_female Poecile-atricapilla-001  Saltmarsh_sharp_tailed_sparrow

The forest is awakening with the sound of bird songs and spring blossoms!  This spring the Outdoor Classroom theme is Birds in the Ecosystem.  Along with visiting students we will be exploring the important role bird’s play in the ecosystem. Spring training for volunteer instructors is scheduled for Wednesday, April 13th from 9:00-2. You don’t have to be an expert just be willing to share your love of learning with young people! Our goal is to increase student awareness and inspire them to consider the positive impact they can make on the environment. Here is a glimpse our spring activities: 

  • While exploring the trails students will compare the forest habitat, meadow habitat and stream habitat. They will consider how birds use the components of each habitat and how birds support each habitat.
  • Students will investigate different bird beaks and determine the relationship between a bird’s beak and the type of food they eat. Students will contemplate how specialized beaks are an advantage and disadvantage to a bird’s ability to survive.
  • Students will discover why birds build nests, as well as the methods and materials they use to construct their nests. Students will experience the complexities of nest building.
  • Students will demonstrate their learning by designing and creating imaginary birds that include adaptations to help them thrive in their environment. Students will describe what advantages of their designed bird and how their chosen design elements help their bird thrive in its habitat.