Salmon Experiment!

        Whidbey Watershed Stewards is partnering with the South Whidbey School’s Foundation to provide The Salmon in the Classroom project. Fifth grade stewards are raising salmon in their school aquarium. Students will release the salmon into the Maxwelton Creek at the Outdoor Classroom in late April. If you stop by the school you’ll notice students of all ages peering into the aquarium with a sense of wonder. Students are witnessing the amazing transformation of Coho salmon from egg to alevin to fry. Student project leaders are teaching their younger peers how vital salmon are to our ecosystem. The project has instilled in students a great sense of connection to one of our most precious resources. Ask a South Whidbey Elementary student about the project and share in their delight!

Through coordination between Whidbey Watershed Stewards and South Whidbey Elementary, representatives got to travel to the hatchery to get fertilized Coho Salmon eggs to hatch and release from our amazing Outdoor Classroom. Watch a highlight video of the Hatchery Field Trip from early 2015, thanks to WWS, Lori O’Brien, the students and to Mr. Lavasser!