Salmon in the Classroom


March 2016 | Update from Lori:

If you’ve visited South Whidbey Elementary School lately you’ve likely noticed students gathered around the school salmon aquarium, hoping to get a glimpse of the newly hatched salmon alevin.  Last week the big moment arrived! Students observed white foam gathering at the top of the aquarium. This was a sign that the salmon eggs were releasing an enzyme causing their shells to soften. Sure enough, the next day tiny heads began to break through their shells, followed by uncoiling bodies. New developments are happening daily.  Students are observing the newly hatched alevin’s fins emerge, their bright orange food sacks beginning to shrink, and how their innate sense to protect themselves causes them to hide under rocks.  Predictions are being generated amongst students as to when the alevin will develop into salmon fry ready to enter the Maxwelton Creek.

The Salmon have been released – Read Article in Record!