Google Calendar Events

We are using the ‘Google Calendar Events’ plugin.  Documentation at

Google calendar must be marked as public – so when public clicks on the more link, they will be able to see it without a login.

We can specify the format of the event description, but it is the same for list and for the month-grid popups when you mouse over a day with an event.  Currently description is capped at 25 words – changable from the settings.

Events are cached – e.g. they are only downloaded every 3-4 hours.  We can control this two ways:  (1) change the timing to shorter or longer or (2) manually force a ‘Refresh’ of the cache from Dashboard/Settings/Google.Calendar.Events.  Click Refresh on Feed#1, then Refresh again.

note-for-connie – wd be nice to intercept dewscription description and cut it off at first …