Aquatic Reserves

aqr_aquatic_reserves_map_haDid you know there are only 7 Aquatic Reserves in Puget Sound and one of them is right here along the western shore of Whidbey Island?

Smith and Minor Island

Smith and Minor Island

The Smith and Minor Island Aquatic Reserve was designated in 2010 for its wealth of biodiversity. From Fort Ebey to Joseph Whidbey State Park, you can see the waters of the Reserve, walk along public beaches and in the distance you can see Smith and Minor Islands. Just to the west of those islands lies the largest kelp forest left in Puget Sound.



The Reserve is more than just the islands, but they do provide important habitat for marine creatures for haul-outs and nesting. Previously a large bald eagle ground nest was located on the island, but this past summer it was destroyed and now appears to be inhabited by commorants.


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